Customer experience is
the ultimate key to growth

Measure the real experience on location

With a constant good insight into the experience of your guests, you will optimise their satisfaction and loyalty.

Customers talking about their experiences

Competent and professional


The advantage of the method via Satys is that we can collect feedback from the students and employees fast and “on the spot”. As a result, we can promptly work on the improvement areas.

David Verweij

Hospitality Manager, Eurest NL

Energetic and proactive

During conferences, Satys helps to collect feedback in a fast and simple way. With this information we will be able to adapt our meetings in the future according to the wishes of our clients and members.

Monique Bos-Bartelds

Marketing & Communication Consultant, Rabobank

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Our working method

This is how we help you move forward

1. What insights are you looking for?

  • Map your needs
  • Structure your feedback process optimally
  • Ask smart and good questions

2. Discover your guest experience

  • Measure with the most modern and innovative measuring instruments
  • Collect valuable permanent real-time insights
  • In an accessible but reliable way for your customer
  • During and/or directly after the guest experience

3. Learn from your guests

  • Look through the eyes of your guests
  • Learn directly from the feedback
  • Get access in real-time to insights and reports
  • Dive deeper in the acquired insights and learn more
  • Optimalise your guest experience

4. Improve your organisation

  • Inspire and motivate
  • Turn the insights into improvements
  • Consult the insights and improvements with clients, employees and customers
  • This way we can ensure together that your guests will stay longer, spend more and tell others about your organisation

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All insights in one place

Satys’s reliable platform offers a constant insight and overview of the guest experience, for example with an organized priorities matrix. Our platform structures the collected data, which will allow you to quickly and effectively draw correct conclusions. With our advanced dashboard you can almost effortlessly uncover answers to complex issues. With the help of AI Satys converts data into valuable insights and will give you tools which will really help you to improve.

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