Democratise services by giving guests a voice

This is our mission.

With a continuously good insight in the experience of your guests, you can optimalise their satisfaction and loyalty.

Satys is the leading expert in the field of continuous measuring of user experience within the facilities services. By connecting experiences with environmental information and other data flows, we give you insight in the complete experience and map exactly what your users experience. We believe that people essentially enjoy giving their opinion and have to be motivated in the right way to do so. Come on board! And be tempted to share this vision with us and start reaping the fruits of it.

Our vision:

Making organisations experience-driven


/‘sætɪs/ · 1 She who maps user experience and by doing so helps organisations to become experience driven.

The origin

We started because of the annoyance in the area of surveys. Because let’s be honest; no one likes filling out surveys nowadays! The objective that arises from this is to make giving feedback fun (again) for the enquirer and the giver. By responding to the experiences of the user and inspiring organisations with practical knowledge and expertise on feedback processes. 

Our commitment

We provide structure, unity & flexibility in the underlying needs by means of a holistic approach. By doing this, we can offer you every solution on the market. Organisations want insights and not to get stuck in a feedback tool. We sell the insights, relieving organisations of designing and executing the feedback process from A to Z. It’s a trade to do this well.

“Assumption is the mother of all f*$# ups.”
~ Eugene Lewis Fordsworthe

How we contribute

By creating continuous and dynamic feedback loops, we are able to provide organisations with valuable insights. To achieve this, Satys uses a modern and a future-proof SaaS solution. Driven by innovation (inspiration) and customer demand (direction), we keep taking the lead and we continuously offer you new opportunities to discover user experience.