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your customers?
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Within just 15 seconds your customers give their feedback using a user friendly interface.

✔ Offline responses ✔ Plug & Play ✔ Endless question possibilities

Find out why our customers are so happy!

You’re in good company

A feedback kiosk is the ultimate solution to collect feedback at physical locations

Using the feedback column from Satys we gather an enormous amount of responses. The column is designed to be super attractive for our customers. The ease of use and deployment results in a perfect co-operation between us, Satys and our clients.

Furthermore, we now know exactly what we should improve per machine, and by adjusting we improve satisfaction rates.

Karianne Wesselink

Category Manager, MAAS



The most versatile way to collect feedback is using our questionnaire column SatysTab. This utilizes you to survey your customers to measure their satisfaction in an accessible way.

  • Catches the eye!
  • Can literally be placed anywhere. It has already been placed in a nucleair bunker and the Dutch Parliament.
  • Can be customized in your corporate/brand identity.
SatysTab with highlight
SatysDesk feedbackzuil



This yields even more flexibility. This table-top feedback column can be placed anywhere there’s a counter top available. It just takes up a little bit of space. Measure your customer satisfaction and experience perfectly with the help of this survey pillar.


  • Extremely easy to move.
  • Can be placed as close as possible to a touch-point, e.g. at a service desk.
  • Quickly collect trustworthy customer feedback!

Rather something else?

Do you want a personalized SatysTab or want to discuss other options of gaining insight into your customer experience? No problem! We can help. Contact us and we’ll schedule a call to help you with the best advice you can get. There are more possibilities than you’d think.

Free personalisation

Order for 6 months and get your personalised SatysTab for the price of a non-personalised SatysTab!
This saves you €300 trough upfront payment!

Order a feedback column right away

This way you know where you stand.
From €129 per month you have a complete and guaranteed successful feedback possibility.

Cheap right? We almost don’t believe it ourselves!
There are really no catch and really, there are no hidden costs.

SatysDesk feedbackzuil
SatysTab with highlight

Fast delivery

Our SatysTab feedback columns are delivered wherever you want within 5 working days.

Setup in a few minutes

Using the included manual and tools the SatysTab is easily assembled and usable within 5 minutes on average.

Uitgebreide resultaten in het Satys dashboard

Elaborate feedback

The SatysTab feedback column is the ultimate solution to collect elaborate feedback: emotions, reasons, open answers ans much more.


Make the feedback process part of the customer experience with accessible and easy-to-use feedback instruments. This approach prevents irritation and survey fatigueness.

State of the art platform

Reap the benefits of a very modern and future-proof SAAS solution for mapping the customer experience. With a unique feature set that grows with both the market and technological developments.

Feedback instrument independent

Create organization-wide structure with an unambiguous and holistic approach. Take an important step towards one overall vision. Through this your organization maps the customer experience as a whole.

All valuable insights in one place

Avoid a fragmented approach of methods, various systems & survey tools. Collect all data related to the customer experience in one place and get grip on improving the customer experience.


Modular service

A service in which flexibility is the standard. Via the SatysMarketplace your organization can easily adjust the services. Each module adds its own functionality and is scalable in itself.

Support from A to Z

Go for independence and let your organisation focus on the important part: anticipate based on the potential for improvement. Go beyond an indication of overall satisfaction and go for maximum insights with simple and thorough questionnaires.