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Designed for any type of organisation, your solution evolves with your company’s needs. Get started with the basics and add or subtract modules whenever you want.


Pick modules you need to create your ultimate solution


Manage the feedbackproces easily with the SatysPlatform. 



Use the expertise of Satys to set up and implement a modern feedback process. 


Continuous Insight

Use continous measuring to get a real-time insight into the experience.


In-depth Insight

Get in-depth guidance on how to improve.


Creating Insight 

Respond to trends and developments by looking deep into the latent needs of customers. 


Focused Insight 

Zoom in and get insight into effect and effectiveness on different aspects of the customer experience.


CX Report

Have your results analyzed by an independent party.


AI Deep Dive 

Use smart AI to analyze the results and generate automated advice.


Core Qualities

How we help you move forward

Save Costs & Earn More

Find out what makes the most impact, focus on what really matters and get started with the things that yield the most!

Avoid Assumptions

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. Don’t feel guilty. We’ve all done it! Let us help you to avoid jumping straight to conclusions and take unnecessary risks.


Do it right! Find out what drives the customer experience. Stand out from competitors, innovate and accelerate.

Satys Roadmap

We develop together!

Our roadmap is set up in close collaboration with you. Intensive contact and open communication ensure that the SAAS solution offers exactly what you need. Based on technological leadership, Satys develops a very modern and future-proof SAAS solution for mapping the customer experience. With a unique feature set that grows with both the market and technological developments. Driven by innovation (inspiration) and your demands (direction), Satys continues to lead the way and continuously offers you new opportunities to discover your customer experience.

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