All insights in one place

That is what your guests deserve.

Satys’s state-of-the-art platform offers the great opportunity to obtain insights about guest experience.

Insight & overview

Satys’s reliable platform offers a continuous insight and overview of guest experience. Since our platform adds structure to the collected data, it will be possible for you to quickly and effectively draw the correct conclusions. With our advanced dashboard, you can almost effortlessly find the answers to complex questions. With the help of AI, Satys converts the data in valuable insights, and you receive the tools which will help you to really improve.

The enterprise platform uniquely matches the methods and structure of larger corporations. This enables you to consume relevant insight at every different level without any effort.

Modern Integrations

Satys offers a prominent enterprise platform and also a beautiful online environment. Besides Satys’s unique dashboard, you can connect your own dashboard or system to Satys’s state-of-the-art platform, or the other way around of course. Satys offers different integrations out-of-the-box and our tech team is continuously adding new innovations and integrations. Ask about the possibilities of our APIs and other integrations.

Reliable & Safe

The platform is absolutely reliable and meets the most modern standards to make sure that is keeps working. Are you running into something or does it seem that something is going wrong? We’ll always be there for you.

Your data is safe with us. Satys develops with the security-by-design principle so that your data is safe and the GDPR is complied with.

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More answers than questions

Satys is continuously seeking for innovative opportunities for their customers to get an even better view on guest experience. As an addition to asking questions other techniques can be utilized. An experience is shaped by many different intangible variables like emotion and feeling, as well as tangible variables like queue time and taste. Satys develops a new innovative service which uses this contextual data to offer even more specific opportunities of improvement.

Competent and professional


The advantage of Satys’s method is that we can quickly collect feedback from students and employees “on the spot”. As a result, we can promptly work on our improvement areas.

David Verweij

Hospitality Manager, Eurest NL

Greatly improved user satisfaction

Previously, we used more expensive solutions that yielded less. It is a unique approach which really is a collaboration. We have gone from amateur to Champions League football.

Ton van Griensven

Operational Manager Business Services Canon, Canon


Make the feedback process part of the customer experience with accessible and easy-to-use feedback instruments. This approach prevents irritation and survey fatigueness.

State of the art platform

Reap the benefits of a very modern and future-proof SAAS solution for mapping the customer experience. With a unique feature set that grows with both the market and technological developments.

Feedback instrument independent

Create organization-wide structure with an unambiguous and holistic approach. Take an important step towards one overall vision. Through this your organization maps the customer experience as a whole.

All valuable insights in one place

Avoid a fragmented approach of methods, various systems & survey tools. Collect all data related to the customer experience in one place and get grip on improving the customer experience.


Modular service

A service in which flexibility is the standard. Via the SatysMarketplace your organization can easily adjust the services. Each module adds its own functionality and is scalable in itself.

Support from A to Z

Go for independence and let your organisation focus on the important part: anticipate based on the potential for improvement. Go beyond an indication of overall satisfaction and go for maximum insights with simple and thorough questionnaires.